<aside> 👋 Welcome! In this manual, our employees can access practical information regarding our routines and general guidance concerning employment at Coody.

This manual is open to the public since we want to share how we work with candidates who are exploring the opportunity to work with us.

The manual is repeatedly updated and if you are missing anything, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Keep in mind that the terms regulated by your employment contract always take precedence over the information you find here.


<aside> 🌍 Coody was founded in 2022 with the vision to challenge old traditional models in the consulting industry with a concept that gives the consultant more freedom under better conditions, secure employment, and more inspiring assignments!



Onboarding - For new employees

On assignment (to be launched)

Benefits & Perks

Referral bonus

Important contacts

About Coody

Basic Principles

Diversity & Inclusion

Slack-channels (to be launched)!

Brand Assets


Salary & time reporting


Unplanned absence

Planned absence

Expense policy

Security policy